Abec 11 refly wheels with 3d printed pulleys

Hi im thinking of getting abec 11 black refly wheels 97mm, i was told they provide better absorbing than the mbs all terrain wheels, I wanted to know if the pulleys here:

Will also fit the refly wheels and not only the flywheels, thanks!

Yep. The 97mm abec 11s are great too. Im not a fan of those mbs wheels.

Thanks! do you know if they fit to the 3d printed pulley?

Those pulleys should fit. Used to use those all the time in PETG or ABS on my Abec11 97’s and 107’s. Now I use press fit pulleys printed out of Nylon.

Yes but which 97’s do you have? Refly or flywheels? I want to get the refly, but the pulleys are designed for the flywheels

The hubs on both wheels are identical except for the color.

Great, thank you!! :slight_smile: