ABEC 97mm 75A Wheels € 129,- -> 100,- EU *SOLD*

I selling these wheels before ever used. Complete new only thing I did is removing the print on the wheels which was ugly looking to me.

ABEC 97mm 75A Wheels € 129,- -> 100,- ex shipping!

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What did you use to remove the print?

You can use dish soap and a scrubber to remove it

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I used a sharp knive to scratch it off very easily, it won’t leave any damage or scratches to the urethane itself.

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Anybody? :grinning:

added better picture

€129 is a lot for these wheels…

Don’t want to speak for OP but I understood that the asking price is 100€, 129€ retail --> (lowered to) 100 :slight_smile:

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yes, bought them from evolve.de for 129,- now I’m asking €100,- for the unused/ brand new wheels

wheels are sold