ABEC Flywheel hub and slave pulley

I have noticed that a few people are having trouble getting good quality metal ABEC 11 hub and slave pulleys.

Just putting in a heads up that Trampa’s hub and 33t/36t pulleys for Trampa Stickies 83mm and 90mm wheels is perfect for ABEC 11’s.

2x centering rings and slave pulleys plus 12 M4x40mm socket cap bolts for 86 pounds. A bit expensive but the quality is very good indeed. Spun them as fast as I can and could not discern any wobbles.

Frank/Ted does not seem to sell them as stand alone so will have to add the parts into the shopping cart.

Only thing is the slave pulley is very wide, but if you got room to move your adjustable clamps in or room to move your wheels a bit further out on the axles, then there won’t be a problem.

I received them today and put them on my ABEC 11 97’s and they are wonderful.

Thickness of the retaining ring and sitting flush with the hub

Slave pulley is pretty wide at 27mm ( 21mm after putting it on the wheel due to concave area at the wheel hub )

Visual comparsion with the Evolve GT motor pulley which is exactly 15mm


Perfect!!! :), Say, not having some sort of edge to the pulley between the belt and the wheel is not an issue ? The belt cannot come in friction with the wheel that way ? @Gromok

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