Abec flywheels 75a 90mm

Anyone have these or can point me to a seller/equivalent? I have 83mm clones which are supposedly 79a but feel rough on my streets.

We have these, don’t have them listed yet but if you need them let me know.

also check out the 97 flywheels if you can fit them. Super smooth and my favorite! A much bigger difference than 83-90.

Im trying to keep the build as light as I can. That is why I used 83mm clones. However, I’ve become spoiled by the 90mm yuneec wheels and, like I said, my streets are terrible. There are some newly laid patches of road where the 83mm feel delightful, but the rest of the road is just awful vibration and lots of pebbles.

How much do the 97mm weight individually (no bearings)?

reasonable. I’d also try a legit set of the 83’s then. They are softer in my experience. Same weight - but better ride. Almost all of the clones i’ve tried are decent, but a bit harder duro. Regardless of what they claim.

I’ll weigh them when i get home and let you know. compared w/ clone and legit 83’s.

PM sent. :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Im scared to buy anything now because you always have something up your sleeve I love it lol

Flywheel 76mm - 190g

83mm clone - 230g

Flywheel 97mm - 336g

97mm clone - 329g

Electric Flywheel 107mm - 589g!

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Images don’t work

They do :stuck_out_tongue:

Images as broken for me also

Can’t see the images either

Woah, didn’t realize 76mm had the core. I might give em a try. Or not.

Can’t see images here either

Anyone have 75a 90mm or know where to get them?

Images don’t work for me either. I really want to see them too!

This is what he posted. Blue one is 97mm clones. Last one is Electric Flywheel 107mm. I got lazy in the cropping.


Anyone have 97 mm 75a?

Odd those pics aren’t working right… I’ll see if i can re-link them. Thanks for re-sharing so folks can see.