ABEC Wheel Pulley Kit x2 [FREE]

I bought two of these kits from ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DIY-Electric-Skateboard-ABEC-Flywheel-Pulley-Kit-15mm-Wide-Belts-AU-/202006092734?hash=item2f08805bbe

They are not great quality, motor pulley is 12T, not 15T. It has 2x 250mm 15mm belts, wheel pulley, bolts, motor pulley and retainer ring.

Edit: Free for anyone who wants them, I am located in australia, you pay shipping.

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If its really 12T when it was advertised as 15T, you should file a claim with ebay and get your money back easily. Select reason as “item not as described” and its a cut and dry case.

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Missed the window unfortunately.

This kit was created and is sold from a member on the forums. The ebay listing is a rip off of his work with poor quality parts that don’t match the description. If you want to buy the actual kit, and read up on what happened the thread is here.

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I know, as I stated in the description. It would however, do fine for someone building a board on a budget who can settle for lower quality parts.

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If anyone wants these for free, send me a PM :slight_smile:

Edit: should say i’m in aus so shipping will be expensive asf elsewhere.