ABEC11 107mm Superflys are back!

It’s seems like forever that these bad boys have been unavailable but I finally managed to get my hands on some of them and they are now in stock, but I don’t think they will last long…


I also have ABEC11 97mm Flywheels in stock too


Wich deck are you going to use?

Aim is to use the Stacks on deck.

My set will be going on a Dropped Supermodel

They would probably work well at isolating turntables from bass rumble too - must try that one day :joy:

Yeah. Maybe I should ask @Alphamail what Riptide bushings are better for my 1200s. Want to shift 12s quickly, sometimes go with 45s, but most importante is to eliminate scratch wobbles.


the difference the right bushings make is stunning! Thankfully they are pretty cheap so it’s possible to try a few combinations to find the perfect combo without breaking the bank

I would like to see that deck and if it doesn’t need an inch of risers i would buy it too.

That’s great news. I’ll just sit and wait for the pro to give me his thoughts on what to use for my setup. Would love 107s though. Would probably use them as beer holders.

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Give ma all the details of what you have and want to do and I will give it a shot


brilliant idea :joy:

I want to see photos when you do it!

What is the difference betwern Re-fly and Super-fly, …is it just the size??

Reflys come in 90/97mm and are black.

Superflys are 107 and green. Theyre both reflex urethane and 74a. So yes just size and color difference.

Superfly 107’s also come in black. My understanding is that the ‘super’ in superfly means that it has an offset core which makes them a bit more compatible with the motor pulleys we use


I have both 97mm and 107mm in green and black now

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I have heard some people having problems with them chipping !!

Reflys are the standard center set flywheels using reflex instead of classic. Meaning the core is different depth between 83, 90 and 97mm flywheels.

Superfly wheels are offset with a square lip inside edge, that matches the same inner wheel to core depth as 83mm center set flywheels. All superflys come in reflex.

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I’ve done quite a bit of sliding, hard carving, and rough pavement riding on mine for the past 3 weeks to a month or so and mine have yet to chip, still great condition. We will see how they hold up long term, but I’m confident they will do well.

Side note, reflex Thane isn’t the greatest when it comes to sliding/drifting, but they work and at least mine are holding up to the abuse. I have the black superflys in reflex 74a.

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You have the black ones?