Abec11 - 76mm / 78a Duro - $57 delivered for Continental US

I paid $70 for these brand new Abec11 flywheels last week - Abec 11 76mm / 78a duro. I have used it for about 20-25 miles. I already have too many wheel options and decided I don’t need the 76mm wheels. Perfectly conditioned for downhill, sliding, and free rides. Rolls super smooth. If you live in the continental US, I am looking for $57 (shipping included). Wheels are in good condition. Please PM me directly.

Most people don’t use 76mm wheels because they are not big enough for most pulleys I believe. Maybe try selling these on silverfish? Probably more interest there

Thanks for the input. These do work just fine with the evolve 32T pulley. Provides awesome torque for people with lots of uphill