ABEC11 97mm. Bad batch or standard defects?

Hi, I have bought a new set of abec 97s. Given the fact that this is my first non-clone set, I don’t know whether these imperfections are just standard production defects or it was a QC oversight.

How do bubbles affect wheels deterioration; do they trigger the tearing process of the urethane? Thanks in advance for the response.

Are you sure they are genuine? I’m not sure if it’s just the camera but they look a little too like green. There isint any writing on them as well. Idon’t think that they would have passed the QC.

Given the quality of the injection molded core, the rebound (they bounce off the floor very high), and the receipt that the seller showed me, I’d say they are 98% genuine.

Btw the guy who sold them to me just removed the writing with a knife.

I have a few sets and they have very similar imperfections. Never noticed a problem.

those look like superflys to me

Did you tell him to remove the writing? Otherwise that seems really wierd to me

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That’s correct, you can do that easily. You should still be able to see veery slight markings at some angles.

My 83mm genuine ABEC 11 FlyWheels have siimilar imperfections (few bubbles) on the inner side.

Nope, but I gotta say I dont mind them having a cleaner look.

Btw I am usually not picky at all, but for 100+ € of wheels I thought QC was more restrictive.

+1 I looked over some of my embarrassingly large collection of ABEC11 wheels, they all have bubbles. Flashing I saw on 1 new unused set.

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To be fair let me tag @ChrisChaput just in case he wants to have a world on this.

Well, its really wierd that he removed the writing when you had not asked for it. Where did you bought them?

Maybe I wasnt clear enough: 1)the guy bought the wheels from evolve.de 2)he removed the writing 3)he sold them to me unused.

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The writing tends to flake off with enough abuse, no?

I understand we want nice things, but man it’s really hard to keep things like skate wheels looking pretty if you ride them a lot. Maybe @ChrisChaput puts the money where it matters, in the formula and in the structure. He does basically zero marketing AFAICT. All hard earned word of mouth reputation over decades of delivering.


This post is all about understanding how restrictive is QC from abec11 and if bubble can trigger the tearing process. Not accusing, just requsting info.

Thanks for the responses btw guys.

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Most of my hard ridden soft duro abec11’s have some amount of tearing chunking and embedded glass/rocks. The price of soft duro especially reflex formulas. I’ve not noticed any negative effects yet. And IMO I don’t think it’s the bubbles that cause it.

not an expert on flywheels but yeah absolutely normal for wheels. Anything on the contact patch can be overlooked since usually you need to break them in anyway (if they are not a set of race wheels) Bubbles happen, nothing to be concerned about.

On a sidenote, still think we need to get off the abec wheels. There are so many good wheels out there in various sizes, great cores that are not even close to the price. Pulleys are possible for quite a few…

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ABEC 11 QA Process :wink: