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Hi all . i have a question , I calculating my set up , for a different calculator esk8 , but the problem is , which is the best ??? ( and sorry for the new topic ) :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Screenshot%20(12) Screenshot%20(14) Screenshot%20(13)

Hi. Well, first one calculates only speed and rpm. Second and third ones also gives you the maximum ratings for battery and estimated range.

But anyway all of those calculators use exactly the same formulas, so you can use whatever you wish :slight_smile:


Yes. But in the secend photo the range is 57 km and in the last Photo say 21 km .

I argee, my fault.

Assuming that my board has capacity of 220Wh and range about 20-25 km, the second calculator’s values seem to be more accurate.

But let’s don’t forget about riding style, terrain, road quality and your speed. With higher speed power consumption increases drastically. So if you are slowly cruising at 20km/h (12mph) look for second calulator. But if you are riding a hills at the high speed, your range could be much smaller, like in 3rd calculator.

It states 21km, and your battery is ~500Wh So consumpion is ~25Wh/km which is a lot.

In my opinion real range lies between this calulated values

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The battery values are different between the second and third pictures. It changes from 4 P to 5 p, and the average discharge rate is also higher in the third picture.

I’m the esk8 news one is best, Brian knows what he’s doing. I think the 3d serves as one has something wrong with it. The values I get sometimes are funky. Its been forever since I used it, but that’s what I remember :thinking:🤷

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Not a single calculator will predict ur riding style and ur Wh/km consumption that’s why in calculator there is field:


After you dial in ur real stuff you will get real numbers for ur range if you don’t know you can only predict


I always use the 3d servisas one, because it allows me to both change the efficiency rating which I set to around 86% for belt, 90% for gear or direct drive, and I also get to see maximum speed when the battery is fully charged, and almost fully discharged :slight_smile: Also, the single VS dual motor toggle is important when it comes to range calculation.


I like the top one the most It’s quick and It’s not flimsy.

Range Is just (batteries)-WH /wh-per-km (or mile) anything more advanced is just fun to look up.

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Second doesn’t count if you have single motor or dual motor, in my calculator it does multiple Avg Wh/km by motor count so if you have like 12Wh/km in total then just divide it by 2 and put in 6Wh and you will get the same values you get in second calculator

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this might sound dumb, but if I have a 900Wh battery, 4 motors, and get 25km range then my Wh/per km is egual to 900 divided by 25 divided by 4?

hi sorry my fault :sweat_smile:

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i under stand , thankyou :wink:

That’s your per motor Wh/km. If you don’t divide by 4 it’s your board’s total Wh/km (typically people just talk about this number but seems the one calc expects per motor I guess assuming you’re using spec sheets and not real world data from a built board)

Also that sounds like a crazy high number to me but if it’s pneumatics/mountainboard and/or bigger rider in hillier area then it might be right about 36Wh/km I use something more like 18Wh in 2miles (3.2km) so only consuming about 5-6Wh/km (I’m below average weight and height and in an area with pretty smooth flat roads on urethane so relatively ideal conditions). Also as mentioned earlier riding slow helps since I’m just cruising to the store or local restaurants typically almost every ride I average 12mph and peak around 16-17mph… when I was setup on a longboard brought it up to 24mph but usually just a commuter board.

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Thats my average consumption on my Baja, she chews the juice!

Im buying two 3s’s 5ah in series with a 260kv motor. The calculators show me only getting about 6 miles. Does that seem right, and if so what would be the best way to get a higher range? 6 miles seems measly.

6 x 3.7 x 5 = 111Wh I use 185Wh at 10S and get about 12 miles but I’m pretty light on the throttle and light weight etc pretty ideal conditions most of the time. The number doesn’t sound far off to me though as a rough guesstimate on urethane you’ll get 1km for 10Wh so can divide battery Wh by 10 and get some idea but different riders, style, and setup all effect the average or instantaneous consumption. More on the brake and throttle is generally more power wasted/used so kick start don’t have it drag race up hills and can be more power conservative (make sure board isn’t losing a lot of energy to friction)

That sounds prety realistic.

I have 4х(3S 5Ah) lipos, so doubled capacity of your setup and get around 20-25 km (12-15 mi)