About some speed settings

Hey guys o/ is there any setup that could be made on vesc to reduce the overall speed ?

Or speed only depends on motors kv, transmision and wheel size ?

Thank you.

You can directly limit the speed through the erpm which cam be translated to motors rpm Which translates to wheel speed. Also ackmaniac firmware, that I know at least, let’s you set a limit directly for speed

So here if i reduce that max speed to 25 it wont go over ?

Not sure why but i did not changed that so far i will have to test it out

Yes, but tale care that you set up the correct pulley sizes, wheelsize and magnet count.

I have them set (not 100% sure about the magnets count i guess 14. I will ask to see for sure). But what will happened if this settings are off ?

This might be exactly what i need to limit the board for some beginner friends … few days ago one of them tried the board and he didnt really liked to go slow and he went to 30 35 km/h then felt … so from now on i will limit to ~25 for beginners just in case …

Thank you <3

hey i just tested today and is not working for me :frowning: i still got to 44km/h … any idea what am i doing wrong?

Which firmware do you use?

Your firmware i installee it like 2 months ago and ran watt mode

Was that max speed you hit maybe going down hill?

straight line :frowning: when i left home i have a good straight road so i tested there and now agian … no sign of it stoping at 20km/h as i set it…

I can see that in the activated mode the speed wasn’t updated. Did you first activate the mode and the adjust the max speed? Because each time you make changes to a mode you have to activate it another time so that the changes take place.

i made the new mode then activated it … but even now when im activating it is set to 280 the Max km/h stay always at 280 no matter of what mode i select

I guess is taking only the default value :-??

Which remote do you use?

Seems that i have a error in the old firmware with the adjusted speeds. Need to have a look at it, in the meanwhile you can also use the new Firmware which is based on VESC-Tool firmware.

Enertions Nano X remote.

Alright i will try to upload the new firmware first to read a bit about it But really fast any problems with watt mode on foc -> im using 2 focbox’es

If i can help you just let me know :-?? i can test this more or idk how to get logs or what you need. Thank you.

@Ackmaniac I think my speed limit worked fine. And I am using your first firmware

What version should i install ? What is the Hardware version

Im using focbox.

The FOCBOX is based on the 4.12 Hardware

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@Ackmaniac Sorry for lots of questions really appreciate your help

I cant find the watt mode tho ? am i doing something wrong ? shouldn’t it be here or is named different ?

In my firmware mod current control is Watt control because in the first public version of VESC-tool current control was the same as Watt control at acceleration. Now VESC-tool is back to the old current control.