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This is where you may discuss any part of the electric skateboard that requires power to function.


Why do I still need a 2s battery to run my reciever is this normal? Im worried cuase im switching to a wii controller will i have a problem pulling wiiceiver power through the vesc?


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Hey guys, I have an (Magneto) Electric Skateboard and am thinking about installing a VESC. Any recommendations?

The board is awesome anyway! But getting really into this DIY electric board scene.

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Has anyone tried running a Quantum Mt series motor for their E-Board?

I’m interested in a dual drive system, and these would leave plenty of space, as they are quite skinny. They only allow for a 6s system, but I could get 4 of them for the price of the Rotorstar motor Im looking at.
I know it’s a high kV, but I plan on gearing down ~ 6:1 ratio so I dont bog the speedy motor so much. The advantage of the Rotorstar motors is the fact I can run a 12s system.

Basically, I want to know what would work best for me.

Dual rear drive
High battery cell count system-6s minimum ideally
High ride time- around 10 miles ideally
Good power- enought to get me up a 30-35% grade
Good braking- for that same 35% grade.

I know I’m asking a lot of the system, but its what I want out of it. It’s pretty extreme and, I know, gonna be pricey. I need some input for this since its my first E-Board.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but I need to post for some help with my motor but can’t see how to create a new thread?

You need to read for at least 30 minutes and post a few replies.

Thank you, I can do it now :slight_smile:

hey guys, I have a wonderful electric skateboard with hub motor drive, it can be assembled, and the battery can be replaced.

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I don’t know how to post a new topic.:sweat:

I am designing a cheap electric skateboard.

I have played around with various parameters for quite a while until I finally converged towards a specific motor and a specific battery. Lithium batteries are too expensive so I’m going for an AGM motorcycle battery. The problem is that the 0.025Ohm resistance of the motor leads to a huge current (hundreds of amps) up to 10km/hr which is most of my operational range. Other motors do not provide me with sufficient torque, therefore I need to include a current limiter to protect the ESC and maximise the battery capacity. For information, the continuous rating of the ESC I’m using is 60A.

I’m planning on measuring the current with a Hall Effect current sensor such as the Allegro modules out there, and an Arduino. Then map the current to a % of the duty cycle to subtract to the setpoint, before sending it to the ESC. For example, up to 30A => 0 feedback, 60A and above => 100% feedback, varying linearly in between. My gut feeling says it’s basically a bang-bang controller which should be converging.

Hi, I’m also new to building an electric
skateboard, and I bought everything for it… except I forgot a charger
for my battery. I have a 4000mah 5s 20-50c lipo pack, does anyone know
what charger I should buy?

This is the link to my battery in case I’m not clear enough:


Me neither😂

Looks like nobody knows


Read for at least 30 minutes and comment on some threads. This is not the right place to ask questions about electronics.

My board won’t go from a standing position it just shakes a slight roll apply power and your ok any idea what vesc setting needs changing

hi I’ve recently received my parts to realize that my space cell pro 3 had an xt60 connector and I was wondering which one is better, xt90 or xt60?

xt90 generally because it allows more electricity to flow through it, and its a bit safer

hope this helps

I had this same issue, what fixed it for me is by going to the “advanced” tab in the motor config of the bldc tool. There should be a section labeled, “Current control” under that there should be startup boost. Make sure you are in bldc mode and make the number higher. I think the default is 0.010, try making it 0.050 or 0.060. This should get rid of the shaking and give you a gentle start.

Let me know if this helps!

can i use a space cell pro 3 as a power supply to program a vesc