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Everytime I try to post my local NYC meetups it says I’m not permitted to view that resource, why wont it let me post?

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Maybe cos your new…

That’s an awful reason not to let someone post on a forum xD Their loss if they’re in NYC and want to go out with a large crew of e-skaters. For anyone who is interested the events are on Reddit electric skateboarding, The Evolve Forums, Community Leiftech as well as facebook under NYC Boosted Board riders (but anyone with an e-skate is welcome)

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You just need to boost your trust level, helps remove scammer and trouble makers

Do I do that by replying to forums etc…?

Yes, just join in and you’ll soon get all the privileges.

I see this as a pinned post, but then events are not posted on the link mentioned here, but on the main forum where this is pinned. Just a FYI :wink: