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How can I open a new topic? I don’t have the option in my account.

Thanks for your help!

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I want to buy electric bike for my son. How is this one?


Youd be the coolest mummy. Xmas gift?


Hi I don’t see how to start a topic or send messages so this is my welcome post. This (board) looks like a fun project, very excited.

I’d also like to ask if anyone is aware of very small electromagnetic motors on the scale of 1/8th mm or so for another project?

Hello also to @RedEagle thanks for telling me about this forum.


I also have the same problem. I do not know how to start a new topic! Maybe it’s to prevent newbies from starting random threads. But I was going to ask about good ESC’s to use in very demanding enviromnets, I have ordered a 170KV 2.8kw Electric Skateboard Longboard High Efficience Brushless DC Motor, and I was looking at the followint ESC’s

ZTW Beast Pro 300A Full Waterproof ESC 6-12S Lipo W/ Double Fan for 1/5 Buggy Truck Rc Car Parts

and the

I am not sure which way to go.

I am interested in using my motor and ESC for a variety of projects. Including but not limited too an electric skateboard, Ebike, and minibike. So heavy duty is a must. I presume even more heavy duty than the average here since some boards have dual motors and thus 2 esc’s if I’m not mistaken.

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A new account needs to like, comment many posts, then you can open a new topic.


I’m having the same problem, it’s not very clear

how many comments before I can post. I’ve never see this before in a forum.

Having the same issue. Using this to get my comment count up. Also, if anyone knows: I’m looking to covert my longboard into a kick scooter. Best way to go about this?

AE2-Best Board UNDER $400 —Alright so because this is general discussions, let me tell you guys about the BEST BOARD UNDER $400. I got the AEboard AE2 and it’s fantastic. I’m actuallymad that I got this board after my Meepo NLS because it has all the same feature as it. It has Smart turn on, the usb port charger, and it has a better smoother acceleration and the standard battery has LONGER RANGE than my previous Meepo NLS. On top of that the top speed I hit on this was 27 mph and that’s the same speed I hit on the NLS. So this board really surprised me because for 385 I was expecting a point A to point B board that, but I got a really reliable board that is fun to ride. If all of AEboards different boards are like this then they truly are the best budget board brand out there. Honestly they offered me a board in an affordable range that don’t be beat, so I can say I’m happy about this board, I’m just mad I did not find it sooner. DON’T MAKE MY MISTAKE! SAVE MONEY and GO HERE

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Hello, Anybody knows where can I buy or upgrade motor sleeves and wheels for Hiboy s11 cruiser and Vokul v1 cruiser electric skateboard? Please let me know. Thank you in advance…

I am also want to know how to open a new topic.