About the old meepo hub motor

Is the old Meepo motor reliable, cause I wanna try and experiment with making a mount for to attach all-terrain wheels, and if anyone has done it, what speed are you getting at. I like my 45 km/H.

Ho, I have been using meepo motors for long time. At least 800km on them. Still going strong. They have a great torque. Speed is a bit limited being real 60Kv (at least mine). At 12s I top 43kmh and the accellaretion is really good. Of you adapt them to 100mm wheels the top speed should be above 45kmh

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My Meepo 1.0 hubs/ESC are still going strong when I use them (though not all that often these days), and as Rey says, there’s some good torque there.

Also, check out the Carvlabs guys…they are doing really interesting things with chinese hub motors and AT…

I’ve seen a few videos and got some tips from some guy at CarvLabs about making the mount sturdier, but I’m just wondering how it’ll affect the old motor in terms of speed and also have also been wondering about the turn radius, if it’s going to increase or decrease

Mine are still working after almost 1000 miles, albeit quite chunked.

I have been using the Meepo 1.5 motors (upgradation urethane) for about 10 months now and other than some rattly bearings they run great. If I had to guess the motors have 600-800 miles on them. The old 1.0 motors are currently in use on a super budget eskate for my friend.

I have a Unity and the new Meepo 100mm hubs coming so I hope to do some tests and find out the real kv of my drives. I got a personal confirmation from Kieran that the new hubs are 65kv rated. Hopefully will get ~28mph with the unity on 11s3p. Currently getting 26mph with the stock esc @11s on 90mm hubs. Very excited and hope to share my findings soon :slight_smile: