Hi all,

I am working on a DIY electric bike but am using a VESC and a bit stuck so was hoping I could sneak in with a question (all electronics are still on the bench so not yet in bike form)!

My setup is a Turnigy 80-100 similar to this motor: https://lunacycle.com/motors-and-kits/bare-motors-and-controllers/c80-100-kv130-high-power-brushless-rc-motor/ To a DIY Electric Skateboards VESC To a 28V 15A max power supply (that big black power supply the motor is resting on in some of the videos below)

At first I was seeing this behavior from my setup: https://photos.app.goo.gl/apT87LGthKNxIRHr2

I tested my motor on a different controller here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/CVmxNswvPLsjITEV2

And more recently the behavior I am seeing changed for no apparent reason after doing nothing but transporting the controller around a few times and unplugging and re-plugging things in: https://photos.app.goo.gl/q67JEPVEEZi11Zcg2

I am now getting an ABS_OVER_CURRENT error. I have re-soldered all of my joints once to check for cold solders and seen no changes.

I have read in other posts that ABS_OVER_CURRENT errors were most often due to settings being off, particularly current draw being set too high. I have tried a really wide range of current settings and nothing seems to work.

I have also experimented a lot with battery cutoff voltage, and strangely see different behavior (no faults but some sporadic motion) with cutoff voltages higher than the solid 28v coming from my supply. I can post a video of this if that would be helpful.

If anyone has any ideas that would be amazing! I can also screenshot my settings if that would be of use (some of them are covered in the videos).