Abs over current from dead stop

Do I have to have a sensored motor? I have a sensorless. And is that cable just a replacement cable for the jst?

Yes, sorry you need a sensored motor

@Eboosted did you solved your error issue ?

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Interested too…

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I think I’m having this issue too. I have dual sensored motors, I’m running in FOC mode with traction control. VESC firmware 3.38. I assumed it was just traction control but it seems to happen over rough terrain when accelerating hard or giving it a lot of throttle on hills. It doesn’t happen a lot, it’s only happened to me like 2 times, but my friend was going up a hill and he said it went full brake on him(might be an unrelated issue)

I think my friend just hit a rock tho because I’ve never had the board go full brake on me(yet)