Access to pro tools - Maker Spaces and Maker Labs?

Does anyone here make use of maker labs or maker spaces for esk8 building? What has your experience been?

I find myself amassing an arsenal of tools that I don’t use regularly, maybe I don’t need to own all this stuff?

Examples: I’d love to vac-form carbon fiber parts, mill things on a CNC, 3D print large parts, MIG weld, etc. It would be great to try out major tools before investing in them.

If you use a space like this, could you share your experience?

Here’s an example of one in Boston:

Huh… that’s neat. I didn’t think there were such places outside of universities. I’ll look around in the Atlanta area.

We usually use the tools in maker spaces in Georgia Tech and although the tools they have are fantastic, they are all mostly out of calibration or in maintenance most of the time because the people in charge of the space are usually students who don’t really know how to use the machines… I’ve recalibrated the ultimaker in the maker space several times because the student in charge didn’t know how to fix it and the technician wouldn’t come for a few weeks…

Maybe the environment is different in a place where their profit relies on the machines being reliable…


Thx @PXSS ya the folks at the spaces around here keep a close eye on maintaining everything.

Pretty sure Tueboards on Instagram does. I forgot his username if anyone wants to tag him.

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