Accessories for skate/longboard

Hi, after my second build. I’m thinking to make it easy for me to ride at night. Therefore, there are tons of products out in the market that I want to share here. It looks cool, though.

  1. This is from china

  2. Flux riser

  3. Longboard Cop from Green Bay if I’m not mistaken

  4. Maybe some illuminati concept right here. hahaha

  5. Third kind product

  6. Light Bhord product, the LEDs is embedded inside the board. Pretty cool huh

  7. Mine, I’m using gopro lights

Whats yours?

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Hey guys

I recently bought a pair of ShredLights from their website for my board. I gotta say, they are really bright for how tiny they are. I barely even notice them on my board.


There are these decks i saw at a local skateshop that had lights on the bottom similar to your picture. The headlight and maybe a brake light would be AWESOME ! Not just for coolness but also because when you’re riding 20 mph at night, you better know where you’re riding.

I used a HRD DC-DC Converter 24V Step Down To 12V 3A and x2 Eagle Eye 18mm 9W LED Lights and a rack mount ear from an old Ethernet swicth to mount the lights in and screeed it to the deck. Total cost was less than $5. They are pretty bright too. You can see the build thread at