Accidentally overcharging lipo

I made a huge mistake and plugged the wrong balance wires into my charger and one of my lipos got charged to 4.5v. I caught it in time and drained it to 4 volts.

It was in that overcharged state for 10 or 20 minutes and it was pretty hot (60-70 celsius?) Its also a little bloated now.

I already ordered a replacement for it but is the old one still usable/salvageable? I am thinking of using it until the replacement battery comes.

Just throw the battery into a salt and water solution to slowly discharge for a couple days then once depleted dispose of normally. I definitely would not try to use it. Too much a risk of fire.

Don’t use it Store firesafe Discharge As @Sander said , salt water will work and is reasonably safe. Just don’t do any experiments with it, seen plenty of Lipos go up in Flames and you don’t want that anywhere.

Its already drained to 4 volts right now. Does that mean the risk of fire is over?

Its damaged, so the risk is still there but its smaller :wink: + helvette for et navn :laughing:

Okay thanks. I will still use it for a few days, light riding. until the replacement comes

I will be super careful though.

Not Norweigian but its sneaky :laughing:

If you are gonna use it, discharge it first.

You shouldn’t use it at all. This is how you burn your house down by using a bad battery on a high current draw machine. That or burn your board when it catches fire lol :sweat:

Noted, bicycle then