Ackmaniac app help!

Hello there! I got a Flipsky ble module, which I tried with the vesc tool for android and works fine. I’ve recently switched to @Ackmaniac vesc tool for pc since is the best tool so far, and I tried to connect but it isn’t working, I can connect but it ain’t showing any values, and if I try to set parameters the app it’s giving me “esc not connected”. So I check app configuration, and it was ppm&uart, I check Baudrate and it s the default 9600 or 9800 and don’t remember. So I tried the 115200, the default of VESC tool and still nothing is working… did this issue happen to anyone else? How is it fixable?

I think some notes were left in vesc monitor app thread (scroll till end)…

Havent connected my flipsky module yet but so far it looks like it might be doomed not to go with ackmaniack firmware

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Flipsky’s module uses a different communication technology from what Ackmaniac’s app is expecting. It will only work with VESCTool. To use Ackmaniac’s app, use an HM10 BLE module

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Thanks man, I didn’t know that!!