Ackmaniac for 5.3 firmware?

Hi all,

I bought a Spintend 75/100 single as per link below. It comes with 5.3 firmware.

I’m windering if anyone knows if its possible to use ackmaniac to program this, because I can’t open the standard VESC tool on my crap old laptop, but I can open ackmaniac.

I would use the BT module, but I clicked “PPM remote” and then either “no charge” or “charge with no reverse” when trying to pair the remote (i was knackered, I f’d up) and this seems to have shut off the UART port? When I try to connect via the app which previously worked, it says “could not read the firmware version”.

So now I need to connect via the cable but I either need a new laptop £££ or a way to use Ackmaniac if poss… Cheers

Pics of wiring for BT module

Spintend controllers are not compatible with Ackmaniac firmware.

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