Acquiring enclosure in UK/EU

Hi, I’m in the process of building my first eSkate and the one part I’m having trouble sourcing is the enclosure. Does anyone know of how or where I might go about getting an enclosure for my board in the UK? I need something along the lines of these dimensions: Length: 40cm, Width: 15cm, Height: 5cm.

Thanks in advance

Hit up @unik he ships world wide from France :fr:

1 Like also has an enclosure in their online shop

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Ok thanks, I’ll drop him a message

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thanks ! this is the enclosure I’m talking about.

Yeah just turn it over and float it across to him :rowing_man:



Thanks guys, just dropped a message to @unik, hopefully he can provide what I need.

The one @unik posted is a bit too small. My battery dimensions are Length: 305mm, Width: 135mm, Height: 39mm and I need a bit extra space for the vesc. I already messaged @unik but if anyone has any additional suggestions that would be great too.

check @psychotiller or @longhairedboy enclosures too, they are dope and may be customizable for your specs.

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I already told you to check out :confused:

@Maxid I have already checked but theirs is also a bit too thin. I need at least 4cm in height but thanks for the headup anyway

With 4cm height you can use the infamous ikea cutlery tray for 99ct

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Oh cool, I will check it out, thanks

@Michaelinvegas has used it before on one of his boards.

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Thanks for the link and suggestion, it actually looks quite feasible.

im currently using the ikea enclosure, works well and great price

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That’s a good one!! @r0ymanesco where are you located? I going to make one for me, for the same battery, in fibreglass. Maybe we can arrange something, I don’t mind make anotherone. I will post a picture of the mold in a minute.

Oh that would be amazing! I’m located in London, UK.

@Surfer When you say the same battery do you mean the one that’s coming in from the EU group buy? Cuz that’s the one I’m getting. I also need additional room for the vesc. I would be happy to arrange something with you if you can ship it to the UK with a reasonable price. Thank you for letting me know

That’s the plan for the enclosure, the finish it will not be awesome or super shiny because i don’t have vacuum pump, it will be laminated on top of this chunk of MDF with 3 layers of fiberglass and epoxi. Actually this “mold” is for 3cm instead 4cm because i have the plan to remove the bms and used it only for charge. Anyway it will be easy to put 1 cm extra for your enclosure. i’m in the Netherlands not sure of the shipping cost. i suppose around 15-17 euros.

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