ACTON blink board battery

I’ve remove the poor quality enclosure of my board, but it seems that vibrations affect the battery. I’m looking for a new battery pack any suggestions?

What is the battery right now?

It’s just a blue package

with an xt60 connector, I’m super new in this topic, I just want to replace the battery and maybe add one with a better range, on this topic I found some info but I poorly understand what are they talking about. My board is the hub version.

Although thanks for the quick response!

It is either Lipos or Li-Ion 18650s.

Charge it up to 100% and use a multimeter to test the voltage of the pack. That will give a rough estimate of the voltage of the cells. You can also open it up, curious to see what the dummies over at Acton decided to use.

If you can, try changing the XT60 connectors with XT90. they might be a bit bigger but are definitely very good.

The Xt90’s can handle more amps and voltage, and the Xt90-S is anti spark, so you don’t get a little scare every time you plug the things together!!

i really don’ think the pack can deliver more amps than what the xt60, so it’s completely useless to change connector. And i don’t think he plugs and unplugs the battery very often, it’s a prebuilt and it probably has a switch to avoid sparks

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I can build you a custom pack for it

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You should let @barajabali build you a battery. Especially if you don’t fully understand all the technical aspects of what your doing. Or have the equipment necessary to do the job properly.


I’ll really love if @barajabali can do it, but… I didn’t live on US so I need a valid voucher so I can import it to my country… :confused:

Hey new user here. How much would you charge and stuff for a custom battery pack for the Acton blink s?