Acton Blink S Losing Torque


I just found this forum recently… gears are already turning in my head for a DIY board (so much inspiration here!), but in the meantime I still need my Acton Blink S to work properly so I have less walking to do to work… So I’m hoping someone out there can offer advice (other than throwing my Blink in a trash compactor).

The board still works… charger works… but it’s lost a lot of torque… struggles on acceleration and up small hills that used to be no problem… Has anyone come across this problem before with any electric skateboard? I’m hoping to avoid shipping it back to Acton so they can look at it since shipping from Vancouver to Cali is expensive… I’d rather save that $ for my next project.

Battery looks like it’s LiPo? … I don’t know much though… multimeter reads almost 42v on the battery (under 41v when motor is running) but that’s probably not a good test…

Any help would be greatly appreciated… it’s so frustrating to ride when you know it should be working better.

Thank you!

Your battery is probably going bad and not supplying enough to your motors or a loose connection , could he anything honestly

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Read the voltage drop when applying small load. Lithium batteries shouldn’t have problems handling consistant loads though. :thinking: Does it still keep up too the same speed?

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It’ll still reach top speed on flat ground… maybe takes a little longer to get there though… if that’s what you mean.

Then your battery is probably going bad, can’t supply as much amps as before so that’s why u can’t clime and takes longer to go faster

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Thanks guys! much appreciated… now to find a similar battery that will fit in there.

@barajabali would be the guy to do that for you

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1v sag with no load is a lot. 2.2ah is really not enough for range or discharge current. I’m thinking that the battery has been overstressed since day one.


Well I agree the battery is probably getting old well you can always mediate the problem by kicking to start and having a decent speed before climbing hills.

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You should build a new 10s battery with 30Q cells. This will give you more range and more torque


Yeah the battery is not even a year old, and started to crap out last October/November… I’ll see if there’s’s anyone in my area with experience building Batts.

Does anyone have the original charger for the Acton Blink S? I will pay double the replacement price for the org. My son is very mad and insists that he get the OG.