Acton Blink S2 Hub broken

Like the title says :smiley: One motor is broken … I need help figuring out how to fix it. If you guys think that these things are fixable? How? Else, does anyone know where to get a replacement? I think it’s a 83mm 500w Dual hub so a total of 1000w. But only one of them is broken.


Describe what you mean by broken?

Either way, it’s likely trashed. All of the cheap china hubs are designed to be replaced, not fixed.

So I noticed that the esc cut off the power sometimes when accelerating- maybe because the broken one started to have problems already? Then after another 100km the board suddenly stopped and only one motor worked. After turning it off it wouldn’t turn on anymore. Had to open the damn thing up and disconnect the leads to the broken motor. Works fine with one but only uses 500w cause the stupid esc isn’t programmable. Maybe I notice some type of rattling in the broken one

I think I can help… don’t buy a blink. :wink: jk bud I do think its not gonna work anymore tho.

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You can maybe open it and look for a disconnected wire before you can trash it. It could be instructing anyway :slight_smile:

In that case … any clue where to get replacements?

Although unlikely, it may be the ESC that’s broken. Have you tried connecting the other motor to the other wires? Just to make sure it’s the motor that’s broken.

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Fair enough question. I will try that out tonight :slight_smile:

Nope. Just tried: Motors broken. Where can i get new ones?

Had a similar thing happened to me where one motor wouldn’t spin , but in my case my ESC got damaged. I ended up buying the latest meepo esc and replacing it. But if you are sure its just the motor and you want to fix it yourself you should be able to buy this and this

Hey man thanks for your answer! you have a S2 as well?

So you’re saying that all the meepo stuff is compatible with the S2 hardware?

Actually looking at it: I think the s2 has 83mm 500w hubs and this one is 90mm 250w

If you take a look at this ESC or the wowgoboard one v1

That is the exact same ESC that the S2 has minus the bluetooth interface. I thought about getting one of those and de-soldering the Bluetooth interface and attaching it to the new esc but after looking at the new esc i opted for the one with a smoother acceleration curve and better braking, the auto start is neat too. The only downside is I can no longer use the old remote and I haven’t figured out how to wire the LEDS, TBH i never really liked them and havent tried hooking them up but there might be a way to do it.

For your issue you could get and just replace both motors. You will probably need the adaptors or you could always use the ones from your current motors if you can solder them.

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Did you fixed your board ?

I need the answer too, lol, ACTON has no part available right now.

FUCK Acton…They have nothing at all to fix there boards mines been in for a month waiting for a new battery they say this Friday…no parts to fix anything …WTF…that the ongoing next week sayings…worst when i have the stuff to fix it but I wanted them to hold there warranty …but board has been with them since july13 …bought it may 24 delivered by June 10…broken by June 20 …fuckn shame I enjoyed that piece of shit too…I recommend never buying anything from these scamming punks …buy some good components and swap them out …the hub are the wowgo meepo they all seem to be the same as I see them lots in the skate shops just different hangers…not 100%sure tho…

Dude i got two Acton S2s ones been fix once and again needs new motor, same issue motor not working. Board #2 been fix twice for the same issue and needs to be fixed for the 3rd time. It cost 190 around plus shipping, TT Are they even in business? They dont respond in facebook and dont pick up the phone.

Hey guys! I’m having the same issue (A hub is not working.) It rattles and makes a loud grinding noise periodically. I’d like to either take them apart and fix whatever is making the noise (I need to know what screwdriver to use to take it apart.) Or i’d like to replace the hubs with a belt-driven kit like the one wowgo uses. Any input would be helpful. Thank you

Same thing here! one rattling hub. Did someone managed to get it fixed? Unfortunately I damaged 2 screws when trying to dismount so I am somehow stuck. Thanks

you can trouble shoot this to determine if it’s the motor or the ESC. Mark the broken motor with a piece of tape, then swap the left motor and sensor wires for the right ones, vis versa, and see if the broken motor persists. If it’s the ESC then the power or sensor control coming out of that side of the ESC is the issue, if it’s the motor then it won’t work properly no matter which side of the ESC you plug it into.

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