Actual motor sizes, help!

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Hey guys, who here has a SK8 6374 on hand??? Im working on a build with 2 rear 6374 i have TB 218’s and i want 15mm built i measured my sk3 6374 and they would fit but i would have to use thick ass spacers to bring wheels out more and thinner lock nuts to accommodate the 2 sk3’s and 15mm belts and the end of each motor would be about 1/8 from touching, i would like to know they actual size of mainly the sk8 6374 but think it would be good to post all the makers sizes for ppl in the same situation as me, thanks in advance

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If you look on hobby king they’ll give you the dimensions. I found mind that way.

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Did that but idk how reliable that is since the measurements the have for the sk3 is not the same i have

The hobbyking side says 86mm length for the sk3. I have no idea about inch but I would say it’s pretty close to what you measure.


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That’s required on any truck that has 80mm axles in order to fit 15mm pulleys

Also your wheels need replacing…

do you wanna know the sk8 or sk3 now? the sk8 only fits onto the tb218 hangar my about a millimetre. isn’t that right @dareno ? The sk3 with 6mm mounts will fit onto tb218s with a bit of spacing And so the long discussion continues.

They both measure sk3 86mm sk8 89mm I use 1 speed ring and a bearing on a 218 hangers to get the correct spacing with tb pulleys as they don’t have a bearing seat for either sk3 or sk8 and then turn the nuts round to be safe.