Adam Savage Builds a Onewheel

Adam Savage’s ‘Tested’ youtube channel just posted a tour of the Onewheel factory and he builds one with them. Some interesting bits in there that relate to esk8; custom bms, waterproofing, etc


I watched it this morning very interesting to see

I really enjoyed that. Put a new light on their QC as well.

i like the cooking experiments also, good stuff

Damn now I need to buy an XR. Let’s see what I can sell


Cool, more toys I need… :rofl:

What’s the guess on the battery? was that a couple of 5s 5ah lipos side by side?

You don’t need XR. You are the XR! Just make a pack

Watch this video of running power off battery in backpack. I really hate this channel though. It’s like the mind of an ADHD person that can stay on the subject.

thats cool… can relate w/ add

Funny you mention that :wink: I have an extended range battery in the works for the OW+ already. And it’s not in your backpack