ADC2 not working on FOCBOX Unity+

Hi all,

I’m using Focbox unity+ to build electric go kart. At the moment I’m having trouble with ADC2 input, as the input is not registering.

When hooked up,ADC1 is working just fine at a range from 0.85v to 2.5v, but ADC2 voltage is not moving at all, sitting at 1.86v.

Also, float voltage for ADC1 and ADC2 when they are not connected at all is also very different, ADC1 0.3v, ADC2 1.7v.

Wiring wise - ADC1 and 2 shares 3.3v input and ground, each ADC1 and 2 connected to throttle signal line and Brake signal line from pedals.

Possible ESC failure? The ESC is brand new. Looked up the forum in general but couldn’t find solution, also massivestator not responding to query I sent out.


I’ve been having the exact same issue on my FOCBOX Tenka. Tried the usual stuff like setting the input mode from “ADC and UART” to “ADC”, writing the APP config, and then rebooting. No luck.

Does anyone have a solution to this?