Add Vesc Capacitors for battery cables longer than 12inch (30cm)

@chaka Do you know?

That looks ok. Buy the best you can afford.

How do you know which ones are better? Who makes the good ones?

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Okay thx :slight_smile: I will buy them

So the caps on the vesc aren’t enough? I thought that’s what they were for. What’s the max length before I need to add caps?

8s2p 20c lipo 10ga wire 2 vesc setup

@SageTX NEVER add any longer than 12 inches…12 inches is ok just dont add any more. So say if your vesc wires are 2 inches and battery wires are 2 inches, make sure all the wires dont add to over about 16 inches

But if i add capacitors its okay right?

Yeah should be fine as long as you get the right ones. Do you need to go longer than 16 inches though?

Yes i make a battery like Boosted board. seperated Enclouses. It will look awesome :smiley:

Best of luck!

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Got any pictures so far? Im really interested haha.

Not Finished yet. I will make a new build thread later. Ill tag you :slight_smile: I resolder my Space cell 4 and us it with this enclouse.

Interested in this as well I’ll be following this build

It will need 1 till max 2 weeks before i finish this build. Some parts need much time for shipping.

Looks like a space ship now :smiley:



jeeeeezzzuuss :joy:

Is that really needed or just over kill?

Its really needed because of induction. And more different capacitors are never wrong. They are there for protecting your hardware and kill unwanted noise.

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Thanks for posting this. I’m well over 20 inches on my farthest battery. Really green here with all this. Was hoping to get some advise on what type/size and number of capacitors to use. I have five 8S 5Ah lipos wired in parallel to two Max6 esc’s.

Still have some excess wire I need to remove since adding more batteries.

So I should defiantly add capacitors to this build then? One one my VESC’s came with just one capacitor as well. Is that something I should change?