Adding a bike bell to your remote

Would this be possible to this mount on a mini remote? Seems a perfect place to put a bike bell.



Credits to u/wingedbastard on reddit

I’ve seen someone do it. So yes

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Everything is possible…, What’s your question with it. This bell doesn’t need any electronics from the remote so why it shouldn’t work :sweat_smile:

But just think about the place you will mount. It’s a trigger remote. The position on the wheel is not comfortable

Edit: if you left handed than it’s a other story :sweat_smile:

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I believe @Linny did it. Check his first build log.

Sorry wasnt really a question :yum: thought it was a good idea and maybe some people will add this to their remote now

It’s always a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or get a chain drive, they enough loud to make people go out of your way by there own :joy:

I did it (not my idea)


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I did that for my mini remote but i don’t use it anymore, but for those who do and doesn’t use the wheel, i cut it off, sanded it flat, polish it up (if you want to), and superglued a bicycle bell which is also flattened, onto the round spot. I’ll take a pic of it with the remote when i’m home.


Yea, not my idea too. I saw someone who did the same thing awhile back but can’t remember who…

I would rather add a button to my remote and a 12V (or whatever it is ) car horn to my board