Adding a Flipsky Dual VESC6 to ownboard bamboo AT

Hi guys, looking for some advice. Background is that I bought a wowgo AT2 and it was nowhere near as powerful as Advertised, so I sold it and started looking into building my own similar board with more power, because what I really loved is the Flexi-deck and longboard feel that the Wowgo AT2 had. In an effort to start building my own custom, I bought a flipsky dual VESC (FSESC 6.7 plus) but after further research, I couldn’t find a flexy deck and a flexy battery to match (without a hefty price tag). So I started looking around at pre-built boards to modify and saw that the Ownboard AT is almost identical to the Wowgo but with slightly more battery range (10S5P). So I was thinking of buying the Ownboard Bamboo AT and putting the Flipsky dual VESC into that. I am wondering if, given that the own board has a 10S5p battery, with 6368 motors, the Flipsky’s VESC will be able to give me the extra torque that I needed (which was missing from the wowgo). Appreciate any advice!

If you know what battery the board has, it might be possible. I did the same thing with an aeboard that was a prebuilt and then went to alter it with a different esc afterwards only because I knew what bettery they used and adjusted accordingly.

Hey there, these are the specs. I don’t know the brand though. The image is too blurry to see that…

18650 5P10S 14.5Ah 522Wh battery Pack inluding enclosure. Capacity: 522Wh- 14.5Ah Rated Voltage: 36V

Is that enough or do I need to know more?

BTW, did you get better performance out of the AEboard after you did it?

Unfortunately this doesn’t explain much about the battery. You have to know what cells the battery is. For example: aeboard uses samsung 35E cells. They’re not great, but making it a 10s10p made it a bit better.

Because i know its a samsung 35E, I can adjust the esc accordingly. The info is basically just saying the max the battery is all together. Which sadly isn’t enough. I will send an email to them and hope they respond.

Let’s just say that I went from 26mph to 35mph and had a better braking system, ability to change the remote to a personal one, and can control the amount of amps given.

Freak yeah it made it 10x better :sunglasses:

Oh, welcome to the site btw.

Edit: found the battery. Its a 18650 sanyo ga.

So 50A max for a 10s5p set up.

If they’re using 30Q, it might be better, but its not specific.

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Hey thanks for finding that out. And glad to be here on the site. So much to learn! So, from what I’ve read, most of the stock ESCs (like Hobbywing) rarely push the max battery capacity through to the motors. Is that your experience? Is there a way to find out the factory settings of the ownboard AT ESC? Also, In this case, when you say the max output is 50A, that means that I can only push 25A for each motor, right? Obviously I’ll need to do a lot more research before I actually move ahead but just trying to understand the situation before I make any purchase.

Correct. My experience with hobbywing isn’t a bad one. I actually like hobbywing tbh. Its just not a powerhouse like an vesc type esc is. And yes, you would put 25A battery current max each motors. Id recommend 20A for safety.

Thanks for all the advice so far. I’m trying to understand why the skateboard manufacturers (like ownboard) keep advertising “powerful” 1500W motors, when actually they are only pushing about 700W to each motor. Or is there more to it that I’m not understanding? (Highly likely)

It’s usually a way to get customers to purchase their stuff. I don’t buy it myself but they’re decent for a cheap prebuilt. Ownboards just got back to me and they said they changed their batteries to a chinese one.

Don’t know if your battery is not chinese type. So check by opening a pack if you own one. It should be the 18650ga.

Hey Leon, I hadn’t actually bought the Ownboard yet. Was throwing the idea out there before I make any more purchases. The cheap battery cells they now use does concern me a little. Do you know who might make me a pack that would fit this board? Also, have you had any esk8 production brands allow you (or heard of it happening) to purchase the board without the battery?

I can give you some info in pm. But its your choice to choose this option.

And yes, it is possible to buy a board without a battery, but its better to build one from scrap and just work on everything else. You can check out some brands yourself like exway, aeboard, meepo, etc. But its entirely on you. My recommendation would be to just build one. Buy some parts and just hook them together on a deck. Boom, easy.

Sent pm.

Hey Leon, the one thing that I have struggled with, when looking to build my own board, was finding a flexible deck and flexible battery (and enclosure) to fit together well enough to provide solid water resistance. Feels like most DIY are super-stiff decks. And that makes sense from a practical perspective but it’s not what I’m looking for. Reckon you could help me with that?

Hi Leon, Just doing some maths: If the 10S5P pack on the ownboard, and it’s total AH is 14.5AH, that would mean that each cell must only be a 2900mAh. So, after looking around, the only 18650 cells I could find that were 2900 was this. Would I be correct in thinking this must be the cell they’re using? Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh 10A Battery - 18650 Battery Store

Most decks are unfortunately stiff due to speeding. High speed is easy to handle with stiffer decks. Flexible ones will throw you off at times.

Not if you use a bamboo type deck. They’re pretty flexible. As for flexible enclosures, its either you know how to 3d print or find one that isnt made too stiff. I do not know much about it. As for battery, its kinda simple to make it flexy since you mostly have to solder 10awg or 12 awg (depending) and make it connect as one battery. But there are some batteries that are made like that. Aeboards is one example. But i don’t like 35E cells.

That might be it, however, the battery pack i got doesn’t say exactly that. It says a chinese cell type. Its hard to know for sure tbh.

Hi Leon, Was just doing some research on flexible battery enclosures and then started looking at the best quality 18650 cells to fit. You mentioned that you don’t like 35E cells. Can you tell me why? From their specs, they look better than 30Q.

Their power get extremely weak after 3.6v. Most esk8 uses over 30A of current and if your battery is a 10s 35E cells, you’ll notice that after 36v, you will lose a lot of power on your board, especially using belt motors. People who owns an evolve board will tell you how horrible and how many times they meeded to recharge their boards because its an 35E type battery.

If you want batteries closer to 30q, molicel M50a is a better pick. The price is due to being a larger capacity.

If you want an actual esk8 battery, go with what people uses now: molicel p42a.

Ahhh, that’s why. The marketing and the reality are far apart. Thanks for that feedback.