Adding a power switch and finding a better charging method to my board

Hi im trying to add an power switch to my e-board. Is this ok?

or should i look a bit more? wasnt planning on using that much money.

And if i add it, how can i improv the charging setup?

this is the set up i plan

i disconnect the battery and connect it to my battery balance charger every time. is it possible to charge it without disconnecting it every time? (Still want to use the balance charger, but also open for other solutions)

Thanks for any help

Sorry for my bad english

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It seems legit. Just know that it is over 5 weeks for shipping. I would get 2 Incase 1 is DOA

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watch this video

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But how would i do it inside the board?

what im doing is leaving the balance leads outside the board then you make his special cable then all you need to use to charge are the balance leads

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Chargeing with only the balance leads? is that possilbe?

if so, is it any slower?

@lowGuido can answer those questions better than me he’s the one who’s made it. (I havent done it yet waiting on parts)

but I don’t think its slower and it’s definitely possible

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You are limited by the 22awg wire that balance leads have.

Put a BMS on the battery.

You can still use it, just without the balance leads. With a 2 wire plug, like a normal charger

for me, my charger only charges at 2.3a for 6s and only allows discharge at 1a so its fine for me

Why don’t you just get a BMS with an integrated eswitch?

sounds like that may be the best idea. have any good links to where i can buy?

i have 2x

22AWG balance leads should be good for 7A charge current. given that most B6 chargers max out at 2.4A this shouldnt be a problem.


Well that didnt work at all. @Orin635 @lowGuido.

Followed the video and after trying to charge my batteries for 5 sec smoke came from my imax b6.

you did something wrong then. most likely got the balance leads the wrong way round. would have burnt out the resistors if you did.

fortunately that’s not too hard to fix. 120 ohm surface mount resistors X 6 replace them and you should be good to go again.

it’ll be BAL2 or BAL3


This is how i did it.

Can you see where i faild?

yeah, I reckon you put the 2 plugs in the middle the wrong way around.

your drawing looks correct. I reckon you got them wrong IRL though.

I have it like the picture. Maybe somthing wrong at the other side of the battery? at the XT 90 connector