Adhesive backed fish paper sheets

Looking for sheets wide enough to wrap 4p 18650 cells. Preferably from an American source. I saw that amazon had a roll of non adhesive back paper. Is there a spray glue for this or something?

I have a roll of adhesive backed could offer to help you out…PM

image it is 6” wide 3M product.

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yea the stuff I ordered turned out to be non-adhesive…may have to use the spray adhesive for now!

Where can I buy some 2

NP I can send you some how much you need?

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For a 12s4p

Please PM me I have some going out to Chase today…would like to make only one trip to UPS.

I just realized mine is also not adhesive backed. :frowning: I could have sworn I ordered with adhesive… I wonder if hot glue would work?

can you post a link where you got that stuff from?

think this is just stateside

That’s what I got its non adhesive :frowning:

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They have both adhesive and non adhesive backed paper.


… Whoever made this website desperately needs a SquareSpace subscription…


anyone have a source or some spare in the EU?


You want to sell some of your fishpaper?..wld need 4’

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I am having REAL trouble locating ANY of this stuff in the EU

They have some at But it’s often sold out.

yup out of stock - i can get from the US and pay silly postage and import but I’d rather not

I got mine from Banggood EU warehouse. Despite the pictures they are the 8 square sheets.