Adjustments for YZPOWER-450 charger

Anyone care to venture a guess as to the function of the two pots pictured here?


Ones for voltage and the others for amperage adjustment


Indeed, looks like top one is current, bottom one is voltage.


Did you try to adjust current with one of these? I just got one, neither seemed to adjust current.

I had a hard time measuring the changes on mine as well. I don’t know if it makes sense that you need to restart the charger, or just replug it back in to the board, or I’m just not sure. I do know that in my use case, using a DieBieMS, I could not get the battery to fully charge until I cranked the voltage way up. Then the BMS was able to not only fully charge the battery, but much more consistently. I cranked the amperage to max as well, but just assumed it was providing more current.

Any solutions? I bought same charger and because I need to charge my 4s lifepo4 at 90%, i want to reduce voltage output. Which trimmer ? Thanks