Advice and guidance needed for my first build pls

Hi everyone, please allow me to introduce myself. I also go by 12sV on other platforms. Personally, I’ve logged 1,100miles on my blitzart single motor, 2,200 miles on my meepo V3 and 2,600 miles on my onsra DD. This is my first build

Here’s my parts list so far.

Purchased -deck: 39" Demonseed -trucks: 13.78 flipsky 10mm truck & motor mounts -wheels: 115 onsra -esc: Tenka -enclosure: Fish Bone psychotiller -remote: vx2 -bushings: riptide krank streets -motors:10mm dual 6374 3500w flipsky -motor pulley: 15t -wheel pulley: 38t kegel

Most of these parts are still in the mail.

Needs -battery: 12s4p molicel flex pack -belts: size?? -bearings: 10mm -charger: 6a charger? -griptape: onsra 4mm

Wants -heatsink -6.5" tires -integrated break lights

Goals- get into diy, acquire a board I won’t outgrow in one season, 35mph+ with omg amounts of torque, something that won’t kill me (mechanical reliability), resale.

What do you guys think? What advice would you offer a first time builder in my situation? Any advice would be appreciated and I welcome all constructive criticism.

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Everything looks good, if you have never built a battery you might want to pay an experienced builder to do it for you. Or just buy a pre-built battery if you can find a retailer that sells them.

Or at very least, make some smaller packs with old/dummy cells etc to make sure you get some experience under your belt.

rarely is your first build your best (this depends on how skilled you are in DIY & hobby stuff) Generally, DIY esk8 building should be thought of like a journey… you will learn & evolve as a builder/rider, which means your first build probably won’t be your last or your best. So do expect to outgrow whatever you build. That’s why sometimes it’s better to make your first build less ambitious, lower in cost etc… just so you can get some experience & have some fun before you get deep into a complex premium build.

You see I’ve been thinking of a build since before my onsra. Just ordering these parts has been a mixture of exhilaration and doubt. I look forward to building my confidence through extensive experience.

As for the battery, I plan on getting one built by someone with experience. I’m trying to keep this build as 'low budget’s as possible so still shopping around for a good price.

I’ve watched several diy battery tutorials and I’m fairly confident in my ability to emulate knowledgeable builders.

Being a business student, the value in learning these new skills isn’t lost on me. Especially considering how passionate I’ve become with esk8s.

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Sounds like you have already spent a decent amount of time doing research. Making educated decisions will drastically improve the build process.

Well done! Now dive in and enjoy the process.

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Thanks! Yea man, I’ve been watching kami juins since he got into diy. I only wish my bank accounts would allow for such creative exploration.

TEST FIT and comparison

This started off with just needing new wheels. Just the excuse I needed to build my own board.

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Mine only needed a charge, when I started building my second one :rofl:

I recently bought the same Deck and Trucks, although got the cloud wheels.

Was measuring up last night for batteries as I want to make my own enclosure. I think I’m going to make a 12S-3P 21700 pack, as they could fit nicely on the bottom.

Have you got the psychotiller enclosure yet? can we have a photo of it against your board.

How come you bought custom bushings?