Advice/critique on new build (planning phase)

Hi all -

Totally new to esk8 building. I was ready to pull the trigger on a boosted or an evolve but I couldn’t find anything that fit my needs 100%. That’s when I found this forum and got a bit hooked.

This will be used daily for commuting (to/from train station) and weekend fun. I’m about 190 lbs and have some hills around (San Diego, CA area).

Here’s what I’m thinking so far:

  1. Red Ember Caldera deck (on the list to have mine built, hopefully in December).
  2. 10s5p battery (will order from psychotiller)
  3. 2 x focbox VESCs (on order).
  4. 2 x Maytech 6355 170kV motors (have on hand)
  5. 6" six-shooter wheels (60t with 16t drive gear, 12mm belt) (will order from psychotiller)
  6. Lorimer burst enclosure (will order from psychotiller)
  7. SurfRodz TKP Trucks with THICK custom Quick66 mounts - 70mm axles (or should I use 80mm?) (will order from psychotiller)
  8. GT2B remote in a sparkle enclosure.

Would appreciate any/all feedback on this. Cost is less of an issue than doing it right the first time. I’m not a speed demon but would rather over-design than be underpowered.

Thanks all, -craigger.

I can’t say anything to the mounts but the rest looks just delicious :ok_hand: As for me very good choice of parts!

Great list, nothing to worry about. Check with tiller about axle length, he knows better. Then reply here because I want to know also eheheh


Anything from @psychotiller is going to be awesome.

I just got a set of his SR mounts and those things are super solid.

The video he has on here is a bit outdated, it shows the collar kind of “snapping” into place. They no longer do that. They fit in there pretty snug but they don’t snap into place.

I talked to him and he said it was a bit of a design change and its to be expected. Got everything mounted up and its solid!



Oh yea, get the 80mm axles!

Thanks @Itsmedant - much appreciated!

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Not a problem! That’s why I choose to buy from the people who are on this forum (most of them!).

The good ones are usually online and are always up for answering questions and helping you out. Alot of them have been around since this whole game started up!

There’s alot of resources on this forum, good luck on your build!

A bit?? Looks like you are fully hooked line and sinkered. Great choices and not much anyone can say. Keep up the thread with lots of lovely pics.

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Thanks a lot all. As I get all my parts in and start assembling I’ll post photos along the way.

And yes, @dareno, I’m kind of going off the deep end for my first build :slight_smile: Go big or go home, right?


Have you ever ridden a skateboard/longboard before if not you may want to go with the Surf Rodz rkp they would be more stable. @psychotiller carries them as well they’re just currently out of stock

Ah - thanks for the info @briman05. Been years and years (and years) since I’ve been on a skateboard.

One more thing to research to death.