Advice for commuter board with Genesis hub motors


My friend had an old Genesis board with a lost remote and a dead battery. I gave him a few bucks for it and I want to use the dual hub motors for a commuter board, low power but long range. I have a decked out street board right now, but I want something lighter to carry around buildings on campus. I’ll make my own battery, loop key, and enclosure, but was wondering if anyone recommends any ESC’s for these motors. They are weak (350 watt) at 36V and I would need a remote for them too if anyone has any recommendations. Overall looking for a reliable ESC and remote, but somewhat cheaper because of low power output Thanks!

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Look into vesc 4.12 based escs. They’re great for any low power hubs. I would had recommended makerx retro, but its no longer available. You can try the dv4, but it isn’t really cheap. But it is reliable.

Edit: you can get a mini remote for the remote part. Its quite reliable and everyone vouches for it. If you’re not into trigger remotes, i guess you can try your luck with the vx1. But the connection is spotty. The hoyt puck is better, but expensive.