Advice for enclosure?

Hey !

I went to the final part of my build which is now fully fonctionnal but not this clean regarding the enclosures,


It is just two Wooden boxes screwed to the board itself but look at what I got from a closer pov


It is not perfectly clean and all !

I tried to make my own Fiberglass + epoxy enclosure and this is what I got,


There is still a lot of imperfection and it is not as flex as wood, so when i’m carving with the board the enclosure is making a cracking noise, I don’t want to break it !

So what do you guys think I can do ?

Ownboard enclosures seems to be interesting too … I’m still thinking about buying them but I don’t know if my batteries will fit in it, i need at least 12x17x4cm for my 8S1P config or 12x34x4 for my 8S2P config, since this last one wouldn’t fit I think that it would be better to buy another one or to build another one ?

What do you think about this ?

Thank’s for your help !

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I think your board looks ghetto as tbh. Love it. Have a look on the own board site and compare dimensions though


You can see if @psychotiller has something that would work for you.

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I make enclosures. I sell them for $50 each shipped in the US. I have one that would be the perfect size for you. 2"x5.5"x10". You can check out pictures of my enclosures here:


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Yo thx for your replies !

I’v been testing out all of my prototypes enclosures during the week end, I broke 1 wooden enclosure because of the board flex which is just terrible to deal with even with the Epoxy/Fiber glass one who keep making some weird noise.

@Kuphjr your’s seems to be good but really expensive since my wooden one can do the job if the attach points are close enough to let the board flex as it want (But it wouldn’t be waterproof so).

I think i’ll go and try the Ownboard ones, my 8S2P config wouldn’t fit but my 8S1P will, Just need to know if I can fit all of my stuff like my loop key, bms power port and all and, most importantly if they are not going to break with my board flex ?! What do you think about it ?

Thanks and have a nice Week !


Paint is insane :joy:

So basically if my enclosure is hard enough to prevent the deck to flex and short enough there will be less tension on thoses, this is why I think that Ownboard enclosures should fit perfectly …

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I don’t know what cells you are using but a 8s1p is not a good idea unless it’s lipos

It’s lipo dude, 33.6V Max and 50Amps. You were telling this because of the torque ?

Nah, was just going to say it’s probs not safe for a lithium ion to be run at 10s1p unless it’s a very low power board.

Lipos are fine though, I run them myself.

Ooh yep and it’s pretty good, with zippy’s 4S i have 4.5Ah and i can ride about more than 12Km’s without problems, so it’s like a boosted standard range. And with « Only » 8S i’m happy of the torque and top speed too!

Yeah I’ve got 5000mah in 12s and 10s config and get about 20km and the bats are down to about 3.6 -3.5v

Why such a difference for 500Mah ?! Bigger wheel and transmission ? I’m in 36/15 and 83mm wheels

It’s because I have an extra 4s in series. Your total Wh is 133 (nominal voltage x Ah)

Mine is 222Wh (44.4v x 5 amps)

Divide by 12 for a rough estimate of range in km

Woow thanks i din’t know this trick haha it’s really nice !

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