Advice for my 29" esk8 part list?

Hey guys, can you see if these parts would be compatible? I want to build a shortboard for college. I’m not really going to be riding it above 15mph unless I see one of the boosted board bois and race them. Please let me know what you think.

Also, some specific questions: Could I find a mini remote like that anywhere else for cheaper? Is the wheelbase on the Zenit board okay for an eskate? And is the Motor Mount trash or nah?

Deck Zenit Hibiscus $90

Trucks Torqueboards 218mm Trucks collections/longboard-trucks/products/torqueboards-218mm-trucks $35

Wheels Abec clones $24

Pulley kit 36T Abec Pulley 15mm Combo Kit collections/electric-skateboard-pulley-belt-combo-kits/products/36t-abec-pulley-15mm-combo-kit $57

Motor Torqueboards 6374/190kv collections/bestsellers/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv $120

Motor Mount DIYE Caliber II compatible Motor Mount $38

VESC Torqueboards ESC BLDC collections/bestsellers/products/torque-esc-bldc-electronic-speed-controller $100

Controller Torqueboards 2.4ghz Nano Remote collections/bestsellers/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller $60




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Not that motor mount or battery

The battery - the seller seems scammy, there have been a lot of unfulfilled orders without any justification

The motor mount is just terrible quality

That motor mount will not work with that motor.

There’s a 63mm size option on the amazon page

Still wouldn’t use it heard alot of negative stuff about it, Check out boardnamics mounts they are 50$ I believe

Yah always look at one star reviews if something has an in between rating and see what the problems are, mount appears to be made of garbage material and cracks easily (not great when you’re going 20+ :slight_smile: )

Regarding the battery agree 2P with 18650s is probably not going to be great in terms of the amount of voltage dip, don’t know the manufacturer but they also just say ‘samsung cells’ without saying which ones exactly and don’t make any claims on max discharge or have details to help you configure the VESC to safely use the battery.

Ok i see why the motor mount is bad, i might go with the torqueboards one in that case… But for the battery, im trying to find a battery with built in bms that will fit under the deck that I’m using. Not having much luck so far.

Check these out, here is a link, they also have one with an idler for 10$ more.

Mounting an enclosure onto that deck is going to be tough. It might be better to take a look at a deck with a flatter wider wheelbase so you could fit more things underneath. I found an ebay selling who is apparently selling a 10s2p of samsung 30q cells which are a lot better than the ones that you have listed above. The only problem is that I’m not too sure about the legitimacy of the cells. I’ll link it below anyways if you’re interested:

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There are a lot of 10s2p batteries around on these forums, a lot of members will even help to make one for you.

Will a 10s2p even be enough for what I need? Someone above mentioned voltage dip

Was me but I’m not speaking from experience on that but it will depend on the cells max discharge and how close you’re getting to that when accelerating and/or hill climbing. I use exceptionally low power from what I’ve seen but if you are a bigger person and/or in a hilly area then you will draw more amps which results in some corresponding dip in voltage. Ordinarily this is no problem all batteries do this and they will recover the voltage as they rest but if you dip a cell below the low voltage limit for the cells you will permanently damage them. If they are high discharge cells or you don’t stress the batteries that much it won’t matter.

I use lipo though so haven’t used 2p but believe some other experienced members on the forum have generally recommended 3p or more depending on the range you want.

It will be just fine if it uses Samsung 30q cells, they are rated at 20a each so 40amps total which will be plenty for a small cruiser

I might switch to 6s2p and use a 6355 260kv motor. I think that’ll get me some decent speed and let me use the diyelectric samsung battery pack.

Why not 2 X 5 or 6S lipo packs? Might be better fit for that deck

That will work, but the range will almost be halved, you’d be looking at around 12-13km range, the 10s will give quite a bit more power as well

Li Po just complicates everything for me. Either I wire up a BMS (which is confusing to me), charging port, etc, or I have to take out the li pos from the deck everytime to charge it with a specific charger.

If you nearly half the voltage then you’re going to have nearly double the amperage to get the same watts delivered. You can try whatever you want but my guess is at 6S you’re going to be kicking it up to speed or crawling along I believe (I went from 12S down to 6S when I burned out a cell in a multistar pack and was somewhat depressingly weak after the 12S, since converted to using 10S since top end on 12S was faster than I’m comfortable riding anyway). BMS will either be built into your li-ion battery or you’ll need to add it and the charge port anyhow, with LiPo would suggest just using a balance charger not BMS if you change your mind, no reason to hook up the BMS on board with the lipos they already have balance cables so you just use a balance charger with them (difficulty as you said in that you need to make them easy to remove/access but still well attached).

Realize this isn’t a viable option or something everyone wants to do but I just made mine easy to remove/insert:

Swappable Batteries