[Advice Needed] What are the best motor mounts for TB 218mm trucks?

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently riding a dual 6374 eboard and the Torque Board motor points are always coming a bit lose. I ride over some pretty mean terrain on my daily commute (across train tracks, on a freeway overpass that has giant 1-2 inch gaps between pavement plates, up sidewalk ramps with those little yellow bumpy patches).

With that in mind I really just want to upgrade my motor mounts to whatever the community recommends. Something I can put on and forget about.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Here is the latest victim of my motor mount coming lose… the pulley started to carve into my wheel.

Thanks in advance!

  • Darcy
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If you can’t get the mounts installed solid then you could have them welded. Failing that get some standard caliber 2 2 pieces mounts, shave 2mm off the bottom of the TB 218s, about 20mm and install. The 2 piece mounts will never come loose.

Follow this tutorial from @Deckoz