Advice on how to program equal speed FWD/REV

Hello to All,

This is a bit of a continuation on my development of a small “push” vehicle. Initial topic and project detail here: BDUAV 6384 120kv / Flipsky FSEC 4.12 / 12v 20Ah SLA battery.. motor won't spin - #17 by killajb

I am able to drive the vehicle at reduced speed as desired by a client, and control motors independently for steering. What seems to be a slight issue however, is that going reverse is slightly faster than going in forward. This is the same for both left and right motors.

From the transmitter: I am using “Channel A” for the left motor and “Channel C” for the right motor. After performing the same motor FOC setup, I designated the right motor “Channel C” for inverted rotation. The results were a rover that constantly veers to one side when both motors are full forward. When full reverse, the rover also veers to one side.

Next, I performed the motor FOC setup again and left both motors with default rotation orientation. Instead, I inverted the transmitter “Channel C”. Now the rover will go in a straight line when going forward or reverse. The slight issue however, reverse is a bit faster than forward. It becomes more apparent when trying to perform a “zero point turn” because the rover will whip around quickly. The end use for this rover is to carefully transport a load, so I must calm down the movement a bit.

I am currently using the PWM speed control option. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I may have omitted information needed to help advise… so please feel free correct me or inquire further. Cheers to All!