Aera K4 Riptide pivot tubes don't fit

Anyone else out there got K4’s on a gravity deck? I got some Riptide 96a pivot tubes to replace the stock tube… thing is they are about 2-3mm taller & the kingpin/bushing seat alignment is out when I install them.

Do I drop em in hot water and try to squash them in? trim them down? ditch em?

No silverfish… google yields nada…

Are you sure you got the right ones. They make them for specific trucks

Aera K4 Tube Height: ~13.35mm Outer Diameter: ~16.40mm Inner Diameter: ~9.60mm

yeah, they had Aera K3/K4 pivot tubes on the bag and on the listing…

bag said install tapered end board side… there really isn’t much to it, can’t see how I got it wrong?

i’ll get my digital vernier calipers and measure them

compare the ones you have with the dimension I posted above

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Ya, that’s logical. The taper fits into the bottom of the pivot hole on the base plate.

measured I get: H: 13.38mm OD: 16.21 (but I have installed and removed them, they were snug) ID: 9.47mm

seems close

Looks like you got the right one. Did you clean out the pivot hole before installing them? Maybe dirt got in there. They might not be seating all the way in. You might try a little saliva to lube them. It will dry later and then they will be set.

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Gave it a wipe with bog roll… the tubes were covered in fine coating of a talc like powder, with force they slipped in snug. I put my weight on the hanger and tried putting my weight on the board, still stuck out a few mm… To get them out I had to pry them with a flat nose

I had the same issue so I just cut off the excess with a big knife. Super messy and rough edge but it seems to ride fine

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Thanks Freddy, not what I wanted to hear, but thanks mate… I might try sanding a bit more of a angle on the taper and gently hitting it with hot air before I try again… worst comes to worst ill cut it…

First time I have heard of this happening. If trimming is the fix, do it with the tube installed in the base plate and use a razor to cut flush

Thanks mate, maybe there is a difference K3-K4? now the K5’s are out the K4’s are out datted…

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I was not aware of any difference when we designed them but there may be some prototypes out there that were different. I will ask the designer of the trucks.

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According to the designer, the K3’s had 2 different depth when they were made

sounds like it to me Brad. I’ll try and slice the top off with a razor blade with the tube installed in the baseplate as you suggested.

thanks for your help

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You are welcome!

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That was fast, do you have KR on the bat phone ready to bomb hills at a moments notice :smiling_imp:

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We are friends and work well together

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