Affordable Big Wheel electric longboard - Dual motor

Hi everyone.

I am thinking about making a new board. I have previously built a boosted board clone, which i am very happy about.

Now i would like to make something with thoose big 200mm wheels and dual motors.

I have a good source for 18650 batteries which i will make my own pack from. And the VESC i plan on buying from Hobbyking.

So i am looking for advice on motor, trucks, wheels and such. I think i can 3d print the pulleys

I have looked at this

advice is well taken

It could also just be with normal trucks. I have some 180mm trucks i could use

@scepterr Dark Matter Motor EXPOSED!

I think you are looking for a mountain board with those wheels. You’ll get terrible wheel bite even if you can mount the wheels without the longboard deck getting in the way.

Only if you’re blind and can’t compare pictures :wink:

Dark Matter Time to visit the eye doc @ZackoryCramer :yum:


Good luck with those. 5 years after those break down, I’ll still be riding my Dark Matter motors. Did you notice that of all the esk8 motors you can buy, out of every single motor on the ENTIRE market, only one shows you photos of the inside of the motor? Do you know why?

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Yes its kind of like a mountain board. But not as serious. I basically just need the big wheels for the bad weather there is in my contry

@scepterr My point is that they look very similar. :upside_down_face:

Your best bet are these 100mm AT wheels:

They at least fit the fly wheel drive train.

Lol that might be your point now…but it wasn’t initially :wink:


Yes i know them. But they are to small.

Those hubs are somewhat crappy. Out of balance with pressed in bearings. You’ll have a good time trying to replace them once they seize up (and they will).

Hubs? what do you mean by hubs?=

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The rims so to speak (first item you linked). You will most likely come across the same items that were used to construct my board.

I don’t know how serious you are about offroading, but for serious mud splattering offroad i wouldn’t suggest a regular longboard with big wheels. You would have to get a proper mountainboard like mbs or trampa with bindings and all. Also a Hobbyking VESC wouldn’t be enough for this application, use at least a focbox similar that is more robust.

For a longboard hybrid build you should maybe look a 6" wheels from psychotiller or whoever also sells them. They are better for regular trucks and more street oriented decks.

As you said here, for not so serious offroad like occasional driving over grass/dirt/snow 6" should be enough. There are also those 6" airless tires from but i can’t tell you if they are any good.

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Hi thank you for response. I will mostly drive on paved roads. But with bad weather 9 months out of 12 a year

Just so you have heard it, cheap aint good and good aint cheap. The best method is use BKB 6374’s or TB 6374’s with Psychotiller 6 Shooters and Surf Rodz TKP’s.

@JLabs, @torqueboards, @psychotiller might have more advice…


No exceptions? I would love to see a dirt filthy cheap build F*k quality :smiley:


Thank you!


My goal is not to create a shit board. Im just aware of the price. I plan on using 1000-1100 dollars on the board.