Affordable ESC, motors, battery and BMS combo: Will it work?


I am currently building my first esk8 ever. I think I’ve read a lot about it by now so I decided to put some affordable parts together. I just want to be sure it will work together and maybe hear some improvements to make it work even better. I am not sure if it deserves its own thread but I will try :slight_smile: .

So as an ESC I’ve chosen this one, mainly because of price and simplicity. Do you have any experience with it?

I want to make a dual-drive that would perform great in a hilly area. That’s why I would choose this motor. The same motor is available also in 220kv version. What do you think? Which one would be better? 140 or 220kv? Isn’t 140kv overkill a bit? I’ve read somewhere, that optimum for belt drive is around 170-270kv. I just desire it would handle some hills with my weight (80kg). If it would be able to hit 30 km/h it would be great though.

My next question is about the battery. I would like to build a 10S4P battery pack from these cells. They are super cheap and that way I would get 50 amps discharge rate I guess. Do you think it is ok to use them with the ESC and motors I mentioned above, or should I buy batteries with higher discharge rate?

And the last question … the BMS … Would this BMS work with my battery and ESC? I would like to buy the 60A version with a separate charge/discharge port.

I am looking forward to your answers :slight_smile:

I have a similar ESC with remote controller that I can give it to you $20. I’m basically giving it away for free as the $20 is to cover the shipping fee and my time to go to the post office. Mine does not come with a battery meter though(battery meter on ebay is like $5). One word of warning is that since this ESC is not programmable the acceleration and braking aren’t very smooth.

I don’t know how steep hills u got but that ESC can give i think 12a maybe 15a.

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