After 30mins of riding my boards limits my speed to 15mph. The top speed should be 25mph

Can anyone help me with a solution?

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We first need to find the reason why that happens. Can be overheating of motors or esc or a shitty battery or wrong settings if you use a vesc based esc. Maybe you want to post it as well here https://forum./ Might be a bit more active place to get help.


What battery do you have? What voltage cut off settings do you have? Maybe you hit the threshold where the esc gradually limits the power because the pack voltage is already pretty low?

I have a 10s3p

Can be the bms limit who control how much amps you can pull ,exemple shitty bms from alliexpress who go maximum 15 amps , or some cells are not well balanced Some pro can answer better than me

i dont think the battery is the problem the battery i bought was from mboards. here is the battery

People haven’t always had the best of luck with this vendor. You’re going to need to give people more info on your set up for people to help you out. Esc type, Esc settings, riding style and terrain? There’s a chance that 25 minutes riding hard and the esc is protecting your battery because the battery is running low.