Airline compliance and NESE

I travel a lot and am looking for a way to travel with an eskate with a 12s4p battery. I know by itself it’s way over the 160wh limit, but if I were to use NESE modules and break the battery down into (6) 2s4p modules, I’m thinking it would be good to go? (1) 2s4p with (8) Samsung 30q batteries should equal 86wh. 8 x 10.8wh = 86.4wh. Legally you can carry unlimited amount of batteries under 99wh. I think this may solve our travel problem. Now we just need a tray or holder on the board so we can just pop out the modules… anyone considered designing a tray for the NESE modules?

I’m running a couple 6s batteries in series, each under the 160wh limit. Instead of a case, I’m housing by batteries in a tactical bag, which has plates on either side of the batteries, both for mounting and protection. This way, I can just unzip the bag to remove the batteries. It also makes switching batteries really easy. It isn’t the slimmest solution, as it hangs down about two inches from the bottom of the deck, but has worked great for me so far with 100mm wheels. Haven’t tried to get on an airplane with it yet, though. We’ll see how that goes :wink:

IMG_3702 IMG_3703