Airlines push decks regulations?

I’m flying out tomorrow on u United and back next week on American, does anyone know the regulations for regular push decks? Should I check them it can we strap our backpacks as carry on?

They my count it as a personal item and let your carry it on. I think you can have a backpack, carry-on bag, and one personal item. I have a short deck that fits in my carry-on, and its set up for pumping and slalom with 4" tracker trucks and retro zig zags 66 wheels. I’ve taken many different decks with me on a lot of domestic fights, and a few international with no problems but never any kind of longboard.

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Personally, I just strap it to my back pack with rope and call it all one carry on, haha. Never had an issues with it.

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These are both short decks, 27 inches. I would rather carry them. I’m gonna strap them to out backpacks and hope they don’t care.

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You should be ok…depends on the crew working the gate…you know how it is