Airwheel M3 Electric Skateboard

Airwheel M3

Amazing how marketing with just visual show trumps any information.

I’m trying to find some real weird one lol

Am I the only one who noticed the housing was falling off in the back the entire video? Seems like they have some basic lessons to learn, like how to mount electronics to a skateboard.


The board is hidious…but sometimes you can find it on eBay for under $400 delivered

Maybe it’s supposed to be like that. It’s so you can get sparks flying out the back of your board as the box drags like it’s on FIRE!

I was on my way to buy that one from a friend hwo could get one really cheep but changed my mind when talking to customer service. People are saying that the rubber on the wheel with the motor is getting destroyed fast and after 60km there is some noticeable wear. The problem is that the support told me you cant change the wheel or the rubber without sending the board in and let them put a new motor in.

It’s a toy

It looks like something made from legos, what has come to the esk8 community?

If it was made from Legos …that would be cool…

But it’s not…


haha :sob::japanese_castle:

Pretty cool eh?

The board on the video seems to be custom built. I own one and eveything is boltet on like a motherf-. The board looks odd ass hell at first but rides so smooth

How long have you owned it? What kind of range are you getting?

A week or so, not that long. I’ve been getting a range of approx 12km on pretty uneven roads. Not that great to be honest, but it makes up on fast charging times. Once the wheels have been broken in, so to speak, the range goes up a bit as well as speed and smoothness.

A small update to that: I just finished a longer route and got a range of 15+km on mixed terrain. Asphalt, sand, grass, you name it, with two massive uphills. So yeah, not that bad but could be a bit better still.

define “massive”… do you have a picture of them? what sort of slope are they/how long?

Whats the top speed you are getting?

Well if you’re that inquisitive I can sure go take a couple of pictures of 'em tomorrow. The bigger one is in horrible condition because, well, Finland. It’s not that long, only half a kilometer long but it is steep, 45 degrees at the steepest point. Top speeds at only 18,5km/h so there’s something to be improved.

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I remind you that if your board goes more then 25km/h it becomes illegal. I dont agree with the law so my current setup can outrun moped cars and other retard vehicles. Are you gonna try good winter run?

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