Alien Drive System | New: Universal Bolt-on Motor Mount Design

I might be able to help you…my my new Universal Truck Mount…

As you can see this fitted to a sidewinder truck but its a similar diameter to your truck It should be available in the next few weeks- i have inserts for many popular trucks already designed…and i can easily make new ones to customer specs… Current trucks that it will fit:-

Caliber fifty Paris V1/V2 Gullwing Sidewinder - (for all the Evolve owners out there…:smile: ) Attack Dont Trip Lucys (fully adjustable CNC trucks) Surf Rodz Indeez Attack Black Star


I have also printed and tested 3D printed inserts and they work great too and even offer a level of dampening My only concern with your truck is the steep taper at the end of the hanger

check them out here Alien Drive


They look like torqueboards mounts. Good that you’ve made lots of truck adapters!

Yeah I’ve been wondering who this mount actually belongs to?

I believe @torqueboards made then first, and then eveyone else has sorta taken that design for the basis of their own mount.

thanks…well you may not know his but my company Alien Drive Systems was the very first company in the world to design and sell removable truck mounts…i have been selling for nearly 3 years now …so most brackets on the market today do look like mine… I believe flexibility is the key to DIY building and i agree the insert idea was a good one from Dexter but i think my multi fit systems really allow fitment to so many trucks and wheels… I will also offer a free design service to any one wanting a particular truck fitment…you give me the dimensions and i’ll design and print a 3D insert for you to check fitment…then ill have a waterjet alloy one made …

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:grinning: mine are cheaper :smile:

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Cheaper aint always better… Alien drive systems has great communication with their customers from what ive been able to tell :stuck_out_tongue:

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true, but also slightly off topic… just because you made the first removable mount, doesn’t mean you made this particular design first

enertion’s CF motor mount, and @psychotiller steampunk looking beast are as different as mounts can come; there are alot more differences between those two mounts and your new mount than torqueboard’s mount and your mount… but yes, a mount is a mount…

And just overall, I believe psychotiller was referring more to the insert style design, and the look your new mount has- and my point was that it is very close to what torqueboards has been offering for some time now.

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Good to see you back @beetbocks

As far as I can tell it’s the same damn mount. Also, for as nice as everyone seems to think it is, it really doesn’t seem to matter how many times this design gets plagiarized…There seriously is no shortage of baffledness in my little shop of horrors. Mine is WAAAAY different! It sucks and you shouldn’t copy it.

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I think some of you guys need to chill. I pretty sure that the first incarnation of the mount insert was by RS4Race.

In fact in the very next post torqueboards compliments him on his design.

As to the two part adjustable tension design, that is Alien Drives design as far as I can tell. It was an evolution of the previous design to increase the mount strength

As to cheaper prices, it just means that the suppliers are in Asia.

I find that a few of the DIY estakeboard suppliers focus too much on price. I’ve has a couple of them contact me about supplying electronics modules. In the end it comes down to my prices being too high. It astounds me that they expect me to compete with Asian sweat shops.

In fact, I had one of the popular DIY eskateboard component sellers commited to purchase to a batch of miniwiicever boards at a quoted price. Then when I informed them that they were ready to ship I get this reply;

Dropping prices on a lot of stuff though and usually customers will buy the wiiceiver as well. How many do you have? How much each? I can try and sell them if you want to get rid of them.

Then a few months later I get a followup asking at what price I can supply them for now. In the end I realized that it wasn’t worth dealing with these people.

The comments about who was first to use a particular design are unhelpful.

Alien Designs were the first to sell bolt on mounts, DIY Electric the first to sell weld on mounts. That does not mean that no one else can make weld on or bold on mounts. The exception would be a blueprint copy and I don’t see that anywhere.

When I made my own motor mounts, I looked at what was around and used the best ideas of what I saw. On a feature that was my own design, a bar to protect the motors and strengthen the mounts and a block to protect the wheel pulley, one of the suppliers indicated that I copied his design. A design that I hadn’t seen until he made the comment.

In the end, almost all designs are an iteration on a previous design(s). You should feel flattered that your contribution has added to the improvement of the design of motor mounts.

After all, this is a DIY electric skateboard forum.



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my sole point was that these two mounts look pretty near identical… you litterally just round off the edges of torqueboard’s, and then you get alien’s:



I’m not trying to start some argument, but to me this is pretty much an exact copy with slightly different milling.

And it is possible to make a mount that looks different… just look at either @psychotiller’s mount, or enertion’s- one is steam punk, and the other has carbon fiber. I know I said this before, but I’m just trying to show you my point.

Fair point, but look at it in another way.

  1. Alien drive’s two part tension adjustable design is the same as on their previous mount. Torqueboards may have copied that from Alien drives. Even to having two rows of bolts.

  2. Alien designs have rotated the motor mount 45 degrees from their previous design, Yes, they may have copied torqueboards layout. Or, did they both copy my design! It has the motor mount holes at 45 degrees. All three designs are slightly different. Mine only fits 50mm motors. The other two also fit 63mm motors. Alien designs have less cutouts, Torqueboards have holes for covers (So does my design). I don’t think that Torqueboards owns the 45 degree motor mount, it’s a common layout.

  3. They both copied RS4Race’s insert design.

So in the end they both may have copied from each other other and from other people. I’m not sure that because torqueboards was first to market means that much though.

Both companies have provides a lot to the DIY electric Skateboard industry.



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@cmatson @phomann would yall be interested in diverging this topic into a discussion of our diy history? I geek out on this stuff so I sure would enjoy it.