Alien Power System 2.4Ghz remote thoughts

Hello everybody.

I’ve been looking for a remote for my electric longboard. I found this one but there are not that many reviews about it on the internet. Do you have good/bad experiences with this remote.

Thanks for your input.

why bother when the mini trigger, which looks and works very similarly, is awesome and about half the price.


@Vieo Have one, ask him. I bought one but Im waiting for other things that was on Backorder, Alien is Great

It’s quite expensive but been well worth it for me. Not had any issues with it in 6+ months. Hold charge well and a nice trigger :slight_smile: Only issue I had was the battery wobbled in its compartment but fix that with some foam

I also have this remote, I love it never had a problem.

Charges up with micro usb and battery lasts ages.

Never had any issues with it losing connection like some other remotes.

I had the opportunity to try it. It’s a good radio; never had a signal drop or any issues.

I still prefer my SPARKLE enclosure :slight_smile: but this one is a good option !


I have this alien remote, im a first time VESC user and alien remote user, and was hoping for your feedback. I cant seem to get the remote to control the throttle, its either all-or-nothing. Should it feather the speed as we pull the trigger it goes faster?

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Odd question but when you’re using/testing the remote are you standing on the board or have it free-spinning

DId you set it up in bldc?

@L3chef free spin, and I did setup BLDC, I figured out the issue. I set the motor min (regen) and batt min (regen) at zero as this is for boat propeller and I done need regeneratice braking. But without some Amps in there it likes to free spin with low current. As soon as I put in a few Amps it resolved the issue.

@FLATLINEcustoms gt2b case Works great too

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Mini Remote is cheaper and very reliable.

I found when you free-spinning the wheel in Current mode it will look like the remote isn’t working right (It looks at it’s 100% instantly) but when load (a body) is placed on the board it will work correctly. You could try switching to Duty-Cycle to test throttle when free-spinning

I’m using the Alien Power System and have this issue, which im not sure it related to Alien, but maybe my VESC setup as this is my first time using VESC.

Issue To Resolve PLEASE: When I pull the trigger the motor JOLTS for millisecond then stops, and then I need to wait like 2 long seconds before the trigger will work again.

If I pull the trigger REALLY REALLY SLOW… the motor will work and I have full throttle spectrum control though…

How to eliminate the JOLT & LONG PAUSE?

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Hi today I got the Alien Power System 2.4Ghz Electric skateboard Remote control and I set the batterij in it But u don’t know If it is charging are there no led’s on it or something?

Is the APS remote still a viable option? Looking for a decent oled remote - or one of these